Friday, 21 September 2012

How to get to know everyone on your first year of BAGD at LCA

Today, we were asked to split into groups, whom we didn't know, and create a list of 100 problems/issues you would have whilst moving to Leeds and starting BAGD at LCA. Once the 100 were collected, amongst 11 groups, totalling 1100 "problems" probably not all unique, we were asked, within our group, to select 10 of the problems which we felt were substantial - we wrote them down on A2 paper. We then passed this to another group, and received another sheet ourselves. We then had to underline 3 of the problems as pass it around again. Receiving a new sheet, we were to write the three underlined down on the insides of 3 individual cards. The cards were taken, mixed up, and one was randomly distributed to each group, and we received [the title]. I imagine this will progress into our brief next week.

27/09/12 Update

For the last couple of days, since the last update, we've been working well with our brief, which was to create a solution for the question. So we've created an ice-breaker/speed-dating/drinking-game. The idea is that hopefully, the alcohol will loosen everyone up enough so they're able to mix and associate easier with people. I've been working hard on the rear-design of the flyer, and I'm in charge of print. 

Below, are the front and back of the flyer. 

Here's a short time-lapse, sped up an excessive 16,000 times, in GIF form to show you the processes I went through when creating the back slide.

28/09/12 Update

Presentation day, I've been in charge of repo-graphics, taking the A6 front of the card, designed by other members of the group, to which i designed the back of the card to correspond with the front, and provide the information, and reproducing it in A3 poster size.  Sadly, the image I received has been rasterized, which means the vector-quality was gone, it was now pixels. So, I did the following:
  • Placed the image onto an A3 page in Adobe Illustrator, enlarged it to A3 size. The quality was awful, very pixelated and blurry. So, I tried image tracing the original image, which converts the image into vector-format, so it can be cleanly enlarged without losing quality. However, this didn't work to plan, the poor-quality image couldn't be saved, as the lines became wavy, making the font look completely different  rather than the clean profession masterpiece that is Eric Gill's, Gill Sans.  

  • Because of this, I had to manually re-trace the image with Vector shapes. So, i decreased the opacity of the layer, locked it, so I wouldn't accidentally move or edit it. I set up my rulers and guides to assure the image would be lined up properly, giving a professional look. And I begun to retrace the image, re-typing the text and re-drawing the shapes. 
  • Once this was completed, I performed some quality control checks, zooming in to make sure everything is perfectly aligned, and printed the poster off. 

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