Tuesday, 20 May 2014

OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - An Exhibition Of // Photographing Collateral

I've photographed the collateral I've produced for this brief, mainly so I can apply them to the boards and any external websites, such as Behance or my own website. 

OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - An Exhibition Of // Soap Package Design

60 x 80 x 30mm

Monday, 19 May 2014

OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - An Exhibition of // Business Card & ID Cards

As part of the collateral range, I've created business cards and ID cards, which will later be placed in lanyards. I wanted to use a luxe method when making the business cards. To do this, I purchased some yellow card, best matching my colour scheme as I could, and stuck two sheets of them in between each side of the business cards. 

Above is how four of them, stacked, look. The luxe business card effect has been created as the thickness and appearance of the business card has a feeling of quality to it, almost like they have been edge painted. 

On the left, is the business card, creating using the order system established in the brand guidelines, open sans bold has been used for the header fond, and open sans regular for the information/body. The ID badge adopts the same method. 

OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - An Exhibition Of // Bottle Labels

Today, I was able to print the bottle labels for the shampoo and body wash bottles, which are pictured in a previous post. The bottles are to be a part of the hospitality package, in which the attendees of the event can use at their leisure during their stay at AML2014. 

When mounting the labels on to the bottles, I had to assure they aligned properly, I did so using the grid system on a cutting mat, and a ruler to guide the bottle, as it rolled it over the sticker. The overall result is very pleasing. The colour schemes fit within the brand guidelines, and take pride of place within the rest of the brand collateral. 

OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - An Exhibition of // Proposing Accommodation

A huge part of the exhibition is the accommodation, where the VIP guests will stay, as the standard class tickets are required to bring their own tents. I wanted to use the concept of glamping, luxury teepees which are furnished with raised beds and running water. Taking the uncomfortable nature out of camping. 

To do so, I searched for a stock photo of some teepees, a photo which was larger than 2000px wide, at a high resolution, to ease the editing process. And so when the image is produced in printed format, it retains a high, crisp, quality. 

The photo depicts a range of teepees, however the image itself isn't very attractive, and it doesn't feel like it's part of my brand. Taking the image into photoshop to modify it's appearance to suit the needs of the project to a better extend. 

I began by altering the skyline behind the focus of the image. It looked grey and dull, so I decided to replace it, for a more appealing look. I selected the foreground using the magic wand tool, following by the refine edge tool, to assure an accurate selection. 

Using a layer mask over the selection, which turns all the areas in black into an alpha channel. The alpha channel then reveals the image below, the sky. 

I then wanted to alter the colours of the tents, so they fit within the colour scheme of the event. Doing this will aid in the association of the brand. I once used the colour range tool in photoshop to select all the rends and all the greens and blue individually, to edit their hue and saturation, pushing them towards the brand colours. 

I then wanted to add a yellow banner around the side of the teepees to further enforce the brand within the teepees. On which I could place the logo. I did so by painting the yellow on the side of the tent, then applying the multiple blending mode over the top. 

Finally adding the logo, to solidify the teepee's place within the AML2014 brand. 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - An Exhibition Of // Event Map

OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - An Exhibition of // Bottle Labels

After mocking up the label for the bottles out of layout pad paper, to check the fit and the dimensions of the bottles, so I could create the design for it. 

I sketched out some quick thumbnail sketches of how the design for the bottle might look, splitting the label into thirds, the middle of which will be the front, which will house the logo and the product name. The other two sides will be assigned to information. The thumbnail sketches are mostly the same, only really playing with the justification of type and image, as the brand guidelines dictate how the majority of the information will be set out. 

As the bottles are a very dark colour, almost black, but a deep orange in the light, like a medicine bottle, so I decided to invert the colour scheme, so it clashes with the bottle, still remaining within the terms of the brand guidelines. As the colour scheme is incredibly light, I've opted for the alternative logo, which used the off black as the fill, instead of the yellow. 

I then added the product ingredients, to the right of the main section. Adding ingredients to cosmetic products is essential, due to various skin conditions and allergies. 

Finally adding the product information, contents' size, in millimetres, 118ml, in this case. All of which is in the font for the brand, open sans, using bold for the 'BODY WASH' title, and semibold for the subtitle and 'compliments of AML2014'. The information and ingredients are in the regular weight. 

The Shampoo variation, which looks identical, so the products work as a set. 

OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - An Exhibition of // Cosmetics & Hospitality

As part of the hospitality aspect of the branding, I want to create a small range of 'cosmetics', and propose the means of hospitality. Doing this will create some substance to the brand, as the majority of the branding is quite flat, tickets, wristbands and what-not, some 3D elements will really help the impact of the branding. 

I wanted to create some 'travel' shampoo and body wash bottles, something you get when you spend a night in a hotel, for example. My research shows some small bottles, often plastic or glass. When I was doing my weekly shop, some vanilla extract bottles caught my eye, and I thought they would work nicely for the shampoo and body wash bottles. They stand, from base to cap, 120mm high, and have a diameter of 48mm. 

If my GCSE maths serves me well enough, the circumference of the bottle should be the diameter multiplied by π.  

π x 48 = 150.8 (to the nearest decimal place). I'll call it 151mm. 

Whilst I was doing my mathematics, I let the bottle stand in warm water, so the labels were easy to remove. Above, pictured, are the bottles without their labels. Doing this will allow me to apply my own branding to the now shampoo and body wash bottles. 

I threw together a quick sleeve using the dimensions I'd calculated. I made the placeholder sleeve 151 x 50 mm, and placed it on the bottle, using an elastic band to hold in on there, so not to damage the bottle. Doing this allows me to get an idea of how the sleeve will fit onto the final bottle. You can see there is about a 1mm gap in the sleeve, but I think this works, and I've seen a vast amount of other packaging which does this. I will transfer these dimensions to Adobe Illustrator, to create the final design. 

Saturday, 17 May 2014

OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - An Exhibition of // ID Cards

As part of the event collateral, I want to create some badges for the members of staff within the event. Using the brand guidelines as the basis for the design, and the AML2014 colour scheme to determine the colours. 

In InDesign, I created a grid system on a 85x55mm art board, with a 3mm bleed. I've used 85x55mm as that's the standard card size which fits in a lanyard card holder. I've set the margins for this document to 5mm around all the edges, as the clip with holds the card in place, in the card holder, overlaps the card slightly.

The staff card needed a placeholder image, just to show how the card would function, and it adds some life to it. So I've decided to use Ben Affleck, because he's Batman. In photoshop I altered an image of him so he fits in the themes of the event better. I sampled the event logo's yellow in photoshop, and then applied it to Affleck's shirt. Also adding the logos in the background of the image, which makes him appear to be standing in front of a banner, advertising the event. I applied a gaussian blur to the logos to fake a depth of field. 

I assured the logo is larger than 10mm, as the brand guidelines stress, it is centred to the top of the page, as the logo composition state by the brand guidelines is that it should be centred at the top of the page, which 5mm between that and the edge of the page, minimum. I've put the image of Mr. Affleck to the left of the page, as seen on the majority of all ID cards, according to my primary and secondary research. 

I've then included the information on the ID card. It uses the fonts required in the brand guidelines, open sans bold for the headings, in this case 'AML2014 _ STAFF', using the two tone colour scheme of yellow and off-white. Underneath which, the name, position and number of the staff member. Using the yellow to pick out the staff member's name. 

You can see how the card aligns to the grid system, the gutters in the grid system are 5mm, so by placing the logo between the gutters, it allows the 5mm padding all around, as specified by the brand guidelines. The type fits between the grid system really well, even though I wasn't using the grids to alter the leading, that's just a coincidence. Having 5mm gutter between the image and the type, and between the type and the logo allows for a visually satisfying appearance, for the OCD designers. 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - An Exhibition of // Physical Posters

I decided to produce some physical posters, no bigger than A3 to see how they looked printed out. I decided to print them on gloss/satin paper, at 130 gsm to get the luxurious poster feel you get when you purchase a new poster.  

I was able to print them full bleed on a roll, which saved me sizing them up to A2 in order to get the correct size, more money for other prints.. I had to measure 3mm from each edge, to get the required bleed, so the posters size to A3. 

The final posters came out really nicely, I plan to put them up in various places and get some photographs of them, to see how they look in the environment to which they're intended. 

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - An Exhibition Of // Aston Martin Posters

To advertise the exhibition, I've quickly produced a small range of posters, using the brand guidelines as the rules for the layout and typography. The colour system which used has been adopted from the colour palette selected. 

The images have been created using a duo tone image, using the off white and the deep dark blue. Using these two colours in unison creates a very bold atmospheric image, strong and powerful. I did this to convey the emotions and feelings associated with the cars, supposedly. 

The images all contains Aston Martins in motion, with the background blurred, out of focus. Partly as the focus is the car, and partly due to the speed and power of the car. The off white and yellow type really stands out against the image, with a strong contrast of hue, saturation and tone.  

I've also mocked up how I plan to exhibit the posters, for example, hanging them from buildings. This will be done in small cities and towns. My research shows that the vast majority of Aston Martin owners do not live in major cities, due to their income not being high enough to afford city rent, or even the cars.