Tuesday, 13 May 2014

OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - An Exhibition Of // Aston Martin Posters

To advertise the exhibition, I've quickly produced a small range of posters, using the brand guidelines as the rules for the layout and typography. The colour system which used has been adopted from the colour palette selected. 

The images have been created using a duo tone image, using the off white and the deep dark blue. Using these two colours in unison creates a very bold atmospheric image, strong and powerful. I did this to convey the emotions and feelings associated with the cars, supposedly. 

The images all contains Aston Martins in motion, with the background blurred, out of focus. Partly as the focus is the car, and partly due to the speed and power of the car. The off white and yellow type really stands out against the image, with a strong contrast of hue, saturation and tone.  

I've also mocked up how I plan to exhibit the posters, for example, hanging them from buildings. This will be done in small cities and towns. My research shows that the vast majority of Aston Martin owners do not live in major cities, due to their income not being high enough to afford city rent, or even the cars. 

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