Sunday, 18 May 2014

OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - An Exhibition of // Cosmetics & Hospitality

As part of the hospitality aspect of the branding, I want to create a small range of 'cosmetics', and propose the means of hospitality. Doing this will create some substance to the brand, as the majority of the branding is quite flat, tickets, wristbands and what-not, some 3D elements will really help the impact of the branding. 

I wanted to create some 'travel' shampoo and body wash bottles, something you get when you spend a night in a hotel, for example. My research shows some small bottles, often plastic or glass. When I was doing my weekly shop, some vanilla extract bottles caught my eye, and I thought they would work nicely for the shampoo and body wash bottles. They stand, from base to cap, 120mm high, and have a diameter of 48mm. 

If my GCSE maths serves me well enough, the circumference of the bottle should be the diameter multiplied by π.  

π x 48 = 150.8 (to the nearest decimal place). I'll call it 151mm. 

Whilst I was doing my mathematics, I let the bottle stand in warm water, so the labels were easy to remove. Above, pictured, are the bottles without their labels. Doing this will allow me to apply my own branding to the now shampoo and body wash bottles. 

I threw together a quick sleeve using the dimensions I'd calculated. I made the placeholder sleeve 151 x 50 mm, and placed it on the bottle, using an elastic band to hold in on there, so not to damage the bottle. Doing this allows me to get an idea of how the sleeve will fit onto the final bottle. You can see there is about a 1mm gap in the sleeve, but I think this works, and I've seen a vast amount of other packaging which does this. I will transfer these dimensions to Adobe Illustrator, to create the final design. 

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