Monday, 19 May 2014

OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - An Exhibition of // Proposing Accommodation

A huge part of the exhibition is the accommodation, where the VIP guests will stay, as the standard class tickets are required to bring their own tents. I wanted to use the concept of glamping, luxury teepees which are furnished with raised beds and running water. Taking the uncomfortable nature out of camping. 

To do so, I searched for a stock photo of some teepees, a photo which was larger than 2000px wide, at a high resolution, to ease the editing process. And so when the image is produced in printed format, it retains a high, crisp, quality. 

The photo depicts a range of teepees, however the image itself isn't very attractive, and it doesn't feel like it's part of my brand. Taking the image into photoshop to modify it's appearance to suit the needs of the project to a better extend. 

I began by altering the skyline behind the focus of the image. It looked grey and dull, so I decided to replace it, for a more appealing look. I selected the foreground using the magic wand tool, following by the refine edge tool, to assure an accurate selection. 

Using a layer mask over the selection, which turns all the areas in black into an alpha channel. The alpha channel then reveals the image below, the sky. 

I then wanted to alter the colours of the tents, so they fit within the colour scheme of the event. Doing this will aid in the association of the brand. I once used the colour range tool in photoshop to select all the rends and all the greens and blue individually, to edit their hue and saturation, pushing them towards the brand colours. 

I then wanted to add a yellow banner around the side of the teepees to further enforce the brand within the teepees. On which I could place the logo. I did so by painting the yellow on the side of the tent, then applying the multiple blending mode over the top. 

Finally adding the logo, to solidify the teepee's place within the AML2014 brand. 

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