Saturday, 17 May 2014

OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - An Exhibition of // ID Cards

As part of the event collateral, I want to create some badges for the members of staff within the event. Using the brand guidelines as the basis for the design, and the AML2014 colour scheme to determine the colours. 

In InDesign, I created a grid system on a 85x55mm art board, with a 3mm bleed. I've used 85x55mm as that's the standard card size which fits in a lanyard card holder. I've set the margins for this document to 5mm around all the edges, as the clip with holds the card in place, in the card holder, overlaps the card slightly.

The staff card needed a placeholder image, just to show how the card would function, and it adds some life to it. So I've decided to use Ben Affleck, because he's Batman. In photoshop I altered an image of him so he fits in the themes of the event better. I sampled the event logo's yellow in photoshop, and then applied it to Affleck's shirt. Also adding the logos in the background of the image, which makes him appear to be standing in front of a banner, advertising the event. I applied a gaussian blur to the logos to fake a depth of field. 

I assured the logo is larger than 10mm, as the brand guidelines stress, it is centred to the top of the page, as the logo composition state by the brand guidelines is that it should be centred at the top of the page, which 5mm between that and the edge of the page, minimum. I've put the image of Mr. Affleck to the left of the page, as seen on the majority of all ID cards, according to my primary and secondary research. 

I've then included the information on the ID card. It uses the fonts required in the brand guidelines, open sans bold for the headings, in this case 'AML2014 _ STAFF', using the two tone colour scheme of yellow and off-white. Underneath which, the name, position and number of the staff member. Using the yellow to pick out the staff member's name. 

You can see how the card aligns to the grid system, the gutters in the grid system are 5mm, so by placing the logo between the gutters, it allows the 5mm padding all around, as specified by the brand guidelines. The type fits between the grid system really well, even though I wasn't using the grids to alter the leading, that's just a coincidence. Having 5mm gutter between the image and the type, and between the type and the logo allows for a visually satisfying appearance, for the OCD designers. 

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