Sunday, 18 May 2014

OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - An Exhibition of // Bottle Labels

After mocking up the label for the bottles out of layout pad paper, to check the fit and the dimensions of the bottles, so I could create the design for it. 

I sketched out some quick thumbnail sketches of how the design for the bottle might look, splitting the label into thirds, the middle of which will be the front, which will house the logo and the product name. The other two sides will be assigned to information. The thumbnail sketches are mostly the same, only really playing with the justification of type and image, as the brand guidelines dictate how the majority of the information will be set out. 

As the bottles are a very dark colour, almost black, but a deep orange in the light, like a medicine bottle, so I decided to invert the colour scheme, so it clashes with the bottle, still remaining within the terms of the brand guidelines. As the colour scheme is incredibly light, I've opted for the alternative logo, which used the off black as the fill, instead of the yellow. 

I then added the product ingredients, to the right of the main section. Adding ingredients to cosmetic products is essential, due to various skin conditions and allergies. 

Finally adding the product information, contents' size, in millimetres, 118ml, in this case. All of which is in the font for the brand, open sans, using bold for the 'BODY WASH' title, and semibold for the subtitle and 'compliments of AML2014'. The information and ingredients are in the regular weight. 

The Shampoo variation, which looks identical, so the products work as a set. 

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