Tuesday, 4 December 2012

OUGD405: Design Process - Study Task 2

How to get more people to donate to charities.

Following the crit, we quickly mapped out a spider diagram, devising ways which we can get more people to donate to charities, this would then form a basis for us to create an idea to get people to donate more, we will present our work on 07/12/12 in the form of a presentation.

We established that the best way to demonstrate how we could become more effective was to advertise the following aspects. So we organised a free-hugs event which would promote and advertise the charity, almost like giving something back to those who would donate, something simple as a hug. 

We then decided to use the Honey Monster as our mascot, who is a recognisable figure. We decided to incorporate him into our design work, so we could associate him with our work, we sampled the yellow in the honey monster's fur and used this as one of our limited colours. We then went with purple, as it's the colour for the charity, Scope. With a few alterations to the colour, we were able to make them work together, and they had a nice contrast too them, not too extreme. 

However, we will unable to accept any donations, as you need to attend an interview with the charity, so they can trust you. So we decided to use our Graphic Design skills to raise awareness for Scope, so people would donate directly. 

Unfortunately, because I was working of film-prep for the majority of the week, I didn't have time for much design work, however, I did mock up and sketch design sheets for flyers, which were used. 

The bottom left thumbnail sketch was used, I didn't make the flyers themselves, but I designed them, and below you can see the finished product, which was distributed when we did our free hugs event. 

When it came to the actual event, I documented all the hugs, our promotional tactic. Which demonstrates the effectiveness of our campaign, with the hug, we distributed our flyers and asked if the hug-recipient would donate, the majority said they would. 

I shot and edited the video above, which was shown during the presentation. 

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