Thursday, 15 November 2012

OUGD403: Studio Brief 3 - Message and Delivery: Distribution

From this, 10+ quick sketches were made, these gave me some initial ideas, and a starting point to progress from.

I also established my target Audience, aiming at people who had an intrest in Marine life, so I would make my piece quite formal and engaging.

From these initial ideas, I went on to develop two of them, and form a new idea based on a combination of the ones above, as seen at the bottom of the image below. The top two are based on two of my initial  ideas, which I've enlarged and tidied up and labeled properly, so I can communicate my ideas effectively.

Below, you can see the outside of the mailshots, based on the top design in the image above, the logo and headline, which clearly communicate negative effects of sonar, on the right, you see the addresses of the recipients, which are also indicated on the mail shot, jump to the bottom of the post to see the mailshot, you can also see a small grey area for the stamp to be placed. 

Below, you can see the inside sections of the mail shots. Above the sonar-circle on the right, there is a cut out of the sonar graph, as stated above in the layouts, which I've used a split pin to make the designs spin, as you can see in the animation below the mail shots.

On the right, you can see the assembled mail shots, along with the mailing list to the left.

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