Monday, 11 February 2013

OUGD406: Design Practice 1 - Design is About Doing

This study task is in response to a live brief, hosted by Tallent House, the contest specifics are below.

Contest: Secret 7''Work: Submit artwork inspired by Public Enemy's track, Harder Than You Think.Prizes:Host Choice and Additional Winners:Between 30-50 designs will be selected and printed on a Secret 7’’ vinyl sleeve which will be exhibited and sold at the gallery. In addition, each winner will also receive:
  • An A3 print on which will be their design and a certificate of their involvement in the project
  • Exposure for their artwork both online and in the exhibition space at the UK’s largest independent creative agency, Mother
  • One design will be picked by Clash magazine and featured in their June edition
Highest Voted Winner:
  • One highest voted artist will receive the incentive as offered to the 30-50 winners selected by Secret 7’’.
Entry Period: January 7 2013 to February 18 2013Voting Period: February 19 2013 to February 26 2013Winner contaced by: March 12 2013
All seven of the songs featured are embedded in my Design Context Post.

Listening to the songs, I think would like use Harder Than You Think - Public Enemy.

From my research, as you can also see on my design context post, I quickly mocked up some thumbnail sketches for possible designs for the vinyl covers.



To create the first of my designs I begun by grabbing an image of a vinyl record from Google Image search, which I would use to get the basic dimensions of the shapes, when I would trace the image. You can find a copy of this image here.

I then added a background, which covered the bleed, I used a colour similar to that of one of the background slides on the Secret 7 website. By taking the screen shot from the website, importing it into Illustrator, and the using the colour sampler tool, and taking the green colour, which I think pops nicely in contrast to what will be the foreground. The lack of hue in the foreground, which will be created, being mainly greyscale-monochromatic, with the introduction of a new colour, works well, I think. 

Below are the five designs. 

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