Tuesday, 8 October 2013

OUGD504: Study Task 1 - Workshop

Following a set task, We each brought in five or more items of print, and categorised them into their respective formats, on the table. Which you can see below in the panorama. 

We then separated the objects into the order of colour. Which you can see in the panorama below.

We also seperated the objects to determine if they were mass produced or not. 

Follow this, we separated the items into production categories, which you can see in the panorama below. 

Branding and Identity 

Packaging and Promotion

Publishing and Editorial

Information and Wayfinding

This I didn't know, but I found out today;
There are similarities between multiple categories, for example promotion and packaging could also cross over with some aspects from branding and identity, or information and way finding. 
Production, Process and Finishing are the same thing. They cross over in a sense. As some methods of 'finishing' could also be classed as a process, or a production - they work together.
 Products can fit several roles, to be used for promotion, packaging or even information and way finding. 
I'm not able to define quicker and more effectively the main objective of a product. It's purpose, it's reason, why it exists. 
I'm also able to define cost, I noticed a general correlation between the mass production and the cost, typically, mass produced products are cheaper, whereas products which are produced in low quantities, or a one off are fairly expensive to produce, as you have to manufacture the means to create the product in addition to the product itself. For example in screen printing, you need to create the screen itself. 
How to print onto 3D objects 
How to foil more effectively 
Research this! (To Do List)

Print 5 examples of logos and or branding - we will present these to a group

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