Wednesday, 4 December 2013

OUGD504: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Design for Print // Creative Suite Session 4

During this session, we had to the find the 9 mistakes in this inDesign document, which are listed below. To find the mistakes, we had to utilise the skills learnt in previous sessions. 

  1. No Bleed, image on the bottom left, extended the image to the bleed.
  2. Text colour has been set to registration, rather than black on the bottom right text.
  3. Image of 'top 10' has been resized, in Photoshop the image should be 100% size.
  4. Image is in RGB format, they need to be CMYK to print correctly
  5. Pantone 363 is not needed, having it will create an additional plate when printing, costing more money. Remove the colour, to reduce the cost - as nothing is using it
  6. Strolling Logo is 599 DPI, it only needs to be 300DPI, edit the DPI in photoshop.
  7. Heifer water image is a JPEG format - should be PSD,
  8. Girl with the cow's image is a low DPI. Low resolution, shouldn't be used.
  9. Picture of cow has been scaled down, should be 100% size.

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