Friday, 1 November 2013

OUGD503: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Individual Practice // YCN Brief - Effect

  • The problem? - Effect want to set themselves aside from the normal mundane energy drinks. Their drink promises a short term boot using caffeine and vitamins for mental and physical stimulation.
  • What is the Brief asking you to do? - To create a campaign to promote their energy drink - focused on mental stimulation for students. 
  • What is the brief trying to achieve? - The brief is trying to increase the scope of their audience, get more people to buy their product, through targeted promotion.
  • Who will benefit? - Effect will benefit, as they will be getting more sales, more money, which is what this boils down to, essentially. However, I’m sure Effect would argue that their customers would benefit, as they would be getting a higher quality energy drink. 
  • What is the message? - The Message is that Effect is a different kind of energy drink, unique, with a passion for creativity, promising a short term energy boost.
  • Who is the audience? - The audience isn’t specifically specified in the brief, however, Effect has mentioned that they want to target students and 'the energy drink brands target male teenagers’, 'In fact 40% of energy consumers are female and 75% are over 20 years old. More people than ever before are choosing energy drinks to stay alert for longer and get a little bit extra out of their busy day. Whether they are at work, studying, driving or even socialising, energy drinks provide stimulation for mind and body’ - 16-25 year old students, by the sound of it.
  • How will the message be delivered? - By creating a campaign for a different type of energy drink.
  • Can you foresee any problems with this? - Plenty, the audience is fairly broad, so it will be difficult to target them, also, no matter what they claim, this is just another energy drink, we’ve seen it all before, so it will be difficult to set them apart from their competitors. 
I have selected the Effect Brief as I feel that It has substantial area for growth, self improvement, and plenty of space to gain some experience. The briefs asks you to launch a campaign, this gives me a large field of ideas which I can play with, I could produce a range of posters, promotional packaging - or anything similar, which will get people interested. I want to create something which will grab people and pull them in, It’s hard to say exactly at this point, as all ideas need to be refined and modified to reach the final result, but I think a series of posters and promotion items, placed in particular places, relevant to speed, and stimulation, will be effective for Effect’s brand promotion.

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