Thursday, 14 November 2013

OUGD503: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Individual Practice // Studio Session

5 Most important words:

  • Campaign,
  • Effect,
  • Stimulation,
  • Students,
  • Drink
5 Most Important Consideration
  • effect has a unique recipe with taurine, caffeine and five B vitamins • to stimulate mind, mood and memory
  • focuses on mental rather than physical energy
  • In fact 40% of energy consumers are female and 75% are over 20 years old.
  • Loved by fellow students
  • effect comes in stylish 330ml cans which don’t conform to energy • drink norms.
5 Related Products
  • Relentless
  • Red Bull
  • Rockstar,
  • Monster,
  • Powerade,    
5 Related Places
  • Universities,
  • Workplaces,
  • Fitness Locations
  • Driving Related Locations
  • At home
Adam’s 5 Things

5 Most important words:
  • Helvetica
  • Student
  • MEN
5 Most important considerations
  • For students, student life, how can that be involved
  • Small cans, but a lot of room to play with
  • Grabs attention
  • Be creative, don’t use green, becuase green is not a creative colour.
  • Looks like a energy drink.
5 related Products
  • Monster
  • Red bull
  • Store brand
  • Rockstar
  • Vitamin water
5 Related Places
  • Cafe
  • Super markets
  • Corner shops
  • University shops
  • Tesco small shops
Who is the audience?
  • The audience is students, aged from 16-25. Mainly women, as they, statistically, consume more energy drinks than men, 75% of which are over the age of 20.
Who, in your view, should the audience be?
  • I feel that the audience should be 18-25, students who live an active healthy lifestyle, who are over worked and tired, probably from staying up late to finish of an assignment as they’re super dedicated and need something to give them a boost.
Who could the audience be?
  • The audience could just be fitness students, who need to replace energy and electrolytes which are lost during exercise. 
  • The brief is asking for the campaign to begin with students, so it has to be around that age group. Students are often tired from work or partying, so they need something to replenish their energy in the healthiest way possible. 
What do they do?
  • Students, who will spend the majority of time studying ideally, perhaps with occasional nights out thrown in, or even a part time job to help with finance issues, or to get out of their overdraft
Where do they go?
  • Most students attend university multiple times per week, they will probably also go to the shopping area in their spare time, clubs, pubs and other recreational locations
What do they buy?
  • Food, clothes and alcohol.
Who do they want to be?
  • They will want do become professionals within their chosen profession which they’re studying at University. 

For the next session
Concept statement, 
Re-written brief (e-Studio or handout)
Initial Development - Sheets 4 contextual references
5 reasons why your response will WIN.

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