Sunday, 17 November 2013

OUGD504: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - Design for Web // Web Design Layouts

I created some layouts for my website. I need to know what goes on which page, how I want it to look initially. Of course, these will be refined to the final layout before I digitise them. 

The homepage will have a side-scrolling banner, and some welcome text. 

You can see above and below, several variations of the home page design. 

I looked at multiple ways of arranging the type on the page. Using a fairly complex grid system. Sort of the rule of thirds, taken to the extreme. 

I also mocked up a website map. To show how the website would navigate. 

I thought about adding a footer to the website, I need to consider what is relevant. As there's no point adding social media links if it doesn't fit the audience. 

I thought how the footer would fit into the design, and how the navigation bar might look. 

I also mocked up how some other pages would look. Above and below are the timeline pages, the production history page, the origins page and the trivia page. 

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