Sunday, 10 November 2013

OUGD504: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Design for Print // Box Making Mock Up

To contain the collateral for my print, I need to make a small box, which will hold the book and anything else with it. The box is also there to protect the book, and it's vital to demonstrate some additional print processes and binding methods. 

I used a net for the box, using the mock up book I previously made as the placeholder for the box. I cut out the sides I would need out of mount board, due to it's thickness and durability as apposed to cardboard and card. 

I assembled the box, trying to be careful not to mess up the sides or cover the whole thing in glue. I kind of made a hash of it, once I got glue on my fingers I started to pull everything apart by accident. In future, for the real box, I'm going to have to take my time. 

The book fits well in the lower half of the box. The edges of the box are a little rough. I could benefit from sanding them down, for a better finish. For when I apply the bookrum around the edges, and make the top half of the box. 

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