Sunday, 16 March 2014

OUGD503: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Individual Practice // OAC Photography Business Cards

As part of the collateral of this brief, I've produced two variants of the business card, for the client to get their hands on, and see if they like them - or not. They're printed using the printer in studio two, so the quality isn't the best, however, apart from iffy black printing, it hasn't turned out too bad. 

The back and the front of the first variation, the only difference between the two is the logo on the front of the business card. I send the client both versions as a PDF, although, as I've found from a few years of doing this, to really make a decision, it's best to do a test print, to see how they look physically. 

Unfortunately, the printer slightly banjaxed the black logo illustration, which overlays the image. I'll be sure to use the digital print resource at college when printing the final cards, as there is a higher quality control, due to the expensive-fancy printers. 

For a change, I've doubled up the card, putting a sheet of black card in between two sheet of cartridge paper. Doing this allows for greater durability, a stronger card. Whilst also adding a level of contrast to the cards, a more unique and stylish approach to the design. If this didn't look good, I would have to use a thicker stock, print double sided, then used the edge painting method I learned, that I'm using in another brief. 

The reverse of the business cards, both are identical. I'm particularly happy with the iconography, which works with the links. I've used iconography as it works with the icons on the front of the business card.

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