Tuesday, 25 March 2014

OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - An Exhibition of Aston Martin // Proposal Presentations

As part of studio brief 2, we've been asked to present our publication for studio brief 1 and how it will lead us into studio brief 2. For this task, I've prepared the brief, which I've written, and some supporting research, which i've documented on my design context blog.

The brief is written for this project alone, and I'm using my own interests to lead the brief, determining into what areas I'll be producing content; for example, branding & identity, information & way-finding and promotion. 

Taking part in this presentation helped me develop my skills, upon speaking to roughly 35 people (ask some people didn't turn up, nerves I imagine), I don't often speak in front of a group more than 10, so the larger amount is something I need to get used to, and doing more presentations more frequently is something I'll definitely benefit from, as I learn by doing. As I've learnt from PPP and attending talks, and studios, presenting an idea or a concept, or even talking about your work is something every designer has to do. I would rather develop those skills now, where there's room for error, and I'm able to receive formative feedback. In order to develop and build upon these skills, so I'm able to apply them to a professional environment.

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