Saturday, 22 March 2014

OUGD503: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Individual Practice // D&AD npower Grid system development

As part of the application development I need to develop a grid system. Something which I can use to base the application design upon. I've always made grid systems a fundamental part of my design, with very close attention to detail, assuring every pixel aligns. 

The grids are important to the design of applications to assure the continuity of the design. So the app flows throughout the pages, as you navigate your way through the application.

The grid system follows a six column, throughout, size can the be be split into three columns or two when needed, to suit the needs of the design. Perhaps for large icons, or similar.

I can then apply this grid system to some of the design scamps I drew earlier. 

Above are some of the variants for the application landing page. I've decided to take the top left variant and apply the grid system to the design of it, to create the first page of the many, for the application. 

The first application page you'll be greeted with is the landing page, it features the gradient from the colour palette, with the npower logo in the 5% colour from the palette. The logo, type and illustrations are all aligned to the grid system, which will allow them to work consistently throughout the application. 

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