Monday, 27 January 2014

OUGD503: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Individual Practice // OAC Photography - Logo Development

I began creating two of the logos I sketched on layout paper, digitally. These will be the ones I will apply the colour ranges and fonts to, later on. 

I began by tracing the camera which she uses, a Canon 600D. She's a digital photographer, so there's no real need to be putting a hipster polaroid camera there. I traced the key elements of the camera, so it was distinguishable, rather than just a black block. 

Then I began to create one of the two logos. I tried to replicate it exactly to the concept I drew, but, unfortunately, I didn't quite turn out how I hoped. It doesn't look too nice, rather amateur. So I modified it. 

I had another go at one of the variations. I instead kept the letterforms the same size, still using the A as a tripod. With the subheading justified to the heading text. I'll keep this as one of the variants I'll propose to the client. 

I then added the view finder frames which I saw on some previous logos, and it sort of ties the whole logo together, it puts it in perspective adding another photographic element to the design. I will present this as a variant to the client. 

Here's another variation from the sketches which I mocked up, I really like the outcome of it. The three icons represent the areas of expertise, well, the camera doesn't but it's symbolism implies photography to tie the two together. I'll be presenting this one to the client. 

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