Friday, 10 January 2014

OUGD504: STUDIO BRIEF 3 - Design for Print & Web // Stationary Menu Design

As part of the printed collateral,  I'm creating a menu. The menu is usually the first piece of print you'll get to see, hold and fell in any restaurant. I wanted to get the look of it perfect. Have a minimal sophisticated theme, which communicates the prices and the soups, solely. 

I created some layouts, and I decided that the layout on the top far right would be most suited for what I need. It's clean, minimal and simple. 

I used a strong grids system throughout designing the menu. The grids system makes everything look so much neater. It allows for proper spacing throughout. Overall, the menu looks far more appealing. 

Finished shot of the menu, before it was printed. I'm really pleased with how clean looking it turned out. 

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