Monday, 6 January 2014

OUGD504: STUDIO BRIEF 3 - Design for Print & Web // App Proposal Planning

For the web-side of the proposal, I'm proposing to create an app and a website to help promote the website, and improve customer experience. The app will work in sync with the restaurant, and digitising existing promotional methods other small franchises might use. 

The landing page is the first page you're greeted with then you open the app. The landing page will not appear if the app is already running in the background, to speed up usage. The landing page has a '< slide to open' prompt at the bottom of the page, which brings you to the main menu. Which is displayed vertically, linking to four pages; Menu, Contact, Payment and Rewards. 

The menu page (see the right scamp) displays two options; food and drink. You tap to select the one you'd like, which then brings you to a further menu, (see left scamp) showing the full range of food and drinks available in stores. 

The payment page, (see left scamp) uses a QR/Barcode payment method, like a digital card. You can top up the card similar to how you would top up a phone, but entering you credit card details and selecting a top up amount. You scan the card in stores, for faster payment. There is also a reward page, buy purchasing soup or drinks you can fill up the bowl on the rewards page (see right scamp), once the bowl is full, you earn a free soup of a drink, redeemable through the payment card. The rewards system encourages people to return more often to the bowl. 

The final page is the information page, it has a map, linked with the map on your phone's OS, for easy navigation. There are also phone numbers and email addresses on there, which when taped call/email the bowl automatically. Open times for the restaurants are included in their info on the maps section. 

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