Wednesday, 12 February 2014

OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Product, Range & Distribution // Publication Scamps

Following my research post which looked at layout, I've begun to apply the layouts I sampled within my own layouts. Doing this, using the work of other designers, teamed with my own ideas, should help improve the overall quality within the publication. These are just thumbnails overall, which I will develop using further layout research, when I increase the size, creating the final design. 

I mocked up a few thumbnail layouts, based on my research. I've created them in a way to see how they would fit the content. The subject is all about 'Power, Beauty, Soul', which is Aston's tag line. So to express this through my layouts, imagery will be extremely important. I've tried to create the scamps with images in mind, devoting a larger amount of space to the images, and allowing the type to fit around it.

I've tired to add variation in the layouts, some of the images will need more copy with them, some explanation and some context. Therefore I've altered the layout to accommodate for the copy, allowing more or less space. On some of the scamps I've explored the idea of having a larger amount of white space around the type and copy, the bottom right scamp for example. 

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