Thursday, 6 February 2014

OUGD503: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - Creative Partners // Selecting the Briefs

British Council

  • Larger scope, nothing’s set in stone, so you’re able to really explore the creative depth of the brief, for the best solution. 
  • Interesting content, imagery from both countries 
  • Both print and web, so they’re an ability to split the load between the two of us
  • Larger collateral range to work with
  • We don’t speak Russian; google translate isn’t too accurate
  • Part of the deliverables demand film and moving image, we’re designers, not cinematographers
  • Large Target audience 


  • Clearly defined audience
  • Larger collateral range to work with
  • Clearly defined brief, say’s who they are, their values and what they don’t want to appear as
  • Good subject matter, something we want to promote
  • The audience might not take to the proposed idea, it wants to alter the values of young people, which will be difficult
  • The current logo doesn’t really work with the target audience and the concept proposed, it also doesn’t say if we’re allowed to change it, or not


  • Plenty of available information on the subject, global warming is widely discussed subject
  • Large scope of collateral to produce, it gives us freedom to work with our own ideas
  • Globally defined audience, extremely broad
  • The whole brief is very broad, it doesn’t give us any initial direction to head in. 

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