Wednesday, 26 February 2014

OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF1 - Product, Range & Distribution // Packaging Development

As part of the brief, we've been asked to create a package for the publication. I conducted some secondary research into packaging design, and I've created some development sheets where I explore some ideas, and the appropriateness to the responses. 

I developed two ideas, initially, using my research as a basis to work from. I wanted to have a high aesthetic quality to my work, which will reflect some thought onto my target audience, owners of Aston Martins (over admires of) who appreciate the high quality feel associated with the cars, care in craftsmanship. 

I drew small mock ups of the nets and how the packaging will look when it's completed, adding notes to the process, to explain what i'll be doing when it comes to critique the work, tomorrow. 

The image above shows the sleeve, which is my favourite, and what I deem to be most effective, due to it's simplicity and it's high quality appeal. Using a folded, stitched leather sleeve, with the Aston Martin Racing logo embossed onto the front. I've decided to use this as Aston Martin's product range all adopts a similar design, high quality leather products, which quality stitches and an embossed logo on the front of the leather. 

When thinking about the quality of the product's sleeve, I also went back and developed how I would like to bind the publication. I was originally going to using a quick saddle stitch or a perfect binding for the publication, however, the idea to emboss the leather for the sleeve, made me think that it might be a good idea to do the same to the publication. 

An enlarged version of the sleeve, a higher quality rendering to show how it will look and work, to the right, on the edge of the image is the net, which I would need to cut out of leather (or similar) and emboss before stitching. It shows how the book will fit into the sleeve, and how the logo will be embossed onto the sleeve. 

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