Tuesday, 25 February 2014

OUGD505: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Product, Range & Distribution // Format and Layout Workshop

Today, we've had a studio workshop focusing on format and layouts, to improve our quick thinking design skills when working with content. 

Task Briefing
  • You’ll be given copy and image to work with during the studio task
  • Instructions for the layout requirements
  • Add your own design flourishes upon these designs, where appropriate.
  • Layout 1 - Minimal text / image: A5 Flyer
  • Layout 2 - Text Heavy / Imagery: concertina spread 10x A5 Pages
  • Extended Practice - Poster / mail shot / tickets and appropriate mediums
Jackson Rising - Brief 1
  • Product a simplistic flyer design for Jackson Rising exhibition at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art - New York)
Jackson Rising - Brief 2
  • Colours to be used
  • C0M0Y0K100
  • C0M0T0K90
  • C0M0Y0K0
  • C0M0Y8K0
  • Four female artists 
  • Curated an exhibition

Jackson Rising - Brief 1

Jackson Rising - Brief 2 

You are to layout and design a 10-page concertina folded brochure for a forth-coming exhibition titled ‘Jackson Rising’ at MoMA, New York. All images, copy and branding are included. You have to create a visually stimulating layout that showcases the artists’ imagery but does not sacrifice important information in this process. The images and information must flow harmoniously and offer a taste of what is to be expected during the exhibition.

I began by creating a small mock up of the of the publication to see how it maps out, so I can fit my content correctly to the pages. The front most page is positioned to the right of the page, with the content being pushed to the left. 

The back page is to the right of the reverse of the document, with the content once again to the left. Similar the front portion of the document. 

The mock up of the concertina folded publication, with the ideas of how the publication might be laid out. It won't look anything like this, but it's to give me an idea. 

The grid system which was provided in the study task pack, it's a simple grid, I've expanded on the grids to allow more flexibility, so I can add my content correctly. I implemented the grids from the previous task, as I feel they work better, and I will be able to utilise a constant theme with the flyer and the concertina folded publication. i love to wax giraffes

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